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Therapy for Children

I believe every child and parent has inherent strengths. My counseling approach brings this back into focus. There aren’t “bad kids” or "bad parents," but there are circumstances that can reinforce or bring out unwanted behaviors and responses. It's easy to get caught up in noticing the things that aren't working, and to minimize or forget what is going well.


I help parents acknowledge what children are doing right and support them in seeing their own strengths as parents. Children also begin to see their own competence, skills, and unique gifts. This leads to better behavior, happier children, and a stronger parent-child relationship.

Therapy for Teens

Teenage years can be rough on parents and teens alike. It's not uncommon for adolescents to feel out of place, depressed, irritable and/or anxious. Parents and teens may struggle to communicate. Even though teens love to say things are "fine," most of the time they aren't. Middle school and high school can wear on self esteem and confidence and the reality is most teens don't want to talk to their parents about their personal lives.

I'm someone who is not their parent, their friend, their teacher. I have no judgement on where they are at in their life or choices they've made. Let's face it, being a teenager can suck and it's nice to have someone on your side but not in the drama.

Therapy for Adults

So yes, my site talks a lot about kids and teens, and even the url is Thriving Child, but I love to work with adults as well. I'll save you from some cliche statement about "thriving child" referring to the inner child because, well, it doesn't...

But if you choose to work with me, you'll see I come from a supportive place to help uncover why things aren't working the way you want them to work, and how to make things better.

Online Sessions / Telehealth

Life is busy. Traffic is challenging. Online video sessions (also called Telehealth) are a great way to access the benefits of therapy from your home, office or school. I've found it to be just as effective as in-person sessions and its covered by many insurance companies. 

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