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So yes, my site talks a lot about kids and teens, and even the url is Thriving Child, but I love to work with adults as well. I'll save you from some cliche statement about "thriving child" referring to the inner child because, well, it doesn't...

But if you choose to work with me, you'll see I come from a supportive place to help uncover why things aren't working the way you want them to work, and how to make things better. I do believe our past influences our present, and frequently my work involves looking at what may still be affecting you (past family, relationships, trauma) in ways you do not realize. But, for the most part - I don't want to rehash your past over and over. I want to look at your strengths and the greatness of you emerging now - because I'll bet some of those are hard for you to see and recognize. I don't tell you what to do; and we work as a team in finding wholeness and healing. I hold no judgement or criticism, and simply want to help you reach your goals - whatever they may be.

I work with adults with a variety of challenges including depression, anxiety and overwhelm. I see a lot of moms who feel like they are doing it all and feel stressed and burnt out. I also enjoy working with young adults who are trying to figure out who they are and where they are headed.

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