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I believe every child and parent has inherent strengths. My counseling approach brings this back into focus. There aren’t “bad kids” or "bad parents," but there are circumstances that can reinforce or bring out unwanted behaviors and responses. It's easy to get caught up in noticing the things that aren't working, and to minimize or forget what is going well. I help parents acknowledge what children are doing right and support them in seeing their own strengths as parents. Children also begin to see their own competence, skills, and unique gifts. This leads to better behavior, happier children, and a stronger parent-child relationship.

My work goes further to uncover patterns and identify the contexts and elements that draw out natural supports in the child and parent. This might include the home environment, routine, family dynamics, nutrition/diet, and other elements that have an impact on young people.

I provide a safe space for children to explore their feelings, express what is underneath the surface and process trauma. I use play therapy and sandtray as well as structured activities to work towards goals. Children who work with me develop skills to express themselves in ways that can be heard and learn to regulate their emotions and problem solve.


I work with children as young as age 6 on a variety of issues including:

  • worrying/anxiety

  • feelings of sadness, frustration, loneliness

  • rough transitions

  • perfectionism

  • divorce, separation and other big transitions

  • social challenges - difficulty making friends, keeping friends

  • aftermath of witnessing or experiencing abuse or domestic violence

  • children/teens who are uniquely sensitive and intuitive - indigos

  • difficulties with behavior

  • explosive, angry outbursts

  • helping children see their greatness

  • increasing confidence

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