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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Setting up an appointment and first steps
    Please email me to inquire about setting up the first appointment. It's helpful if you include a bit about why you are seeking counseling for yourself or your child (please include your child's age) so I can make sure we're a good fit. I'll let you know if I have room in my schedule and what my availability is like. Usually all of my after school and evening appointments are booked, but it never hurts to ask. Once we agree upon an inital appointment date and time, I'll send you a link to a patient portal to complete all of the demographic, insurance, payment and intake information online. You'll also sign my Disclosure and Notice of Privacy Practices through the portal. I do ask that these be completed before our first session. Next step is that we meet...I ask a lot of questions...and we go from there!
  • Office Location and Parking
    My office is located in the StudioWorks Building in Ballard at 1417 NW 54th St #420, Seattle WA 98107. The buidling is directly across the street from Safeway. The building does not have parking, but there is street parking all around the building and neighborhood. The entrance to the building is located between Peace General Store and Lighten Up. StudioWorks is a secure building - you'll need to use the call box to get access into the building. Dial 420 or search my name [Robyn Howisey] so I can buzz you in. There is a waiitng area just off the elevators on the 4th floor.
  • I'm looking for therapy for my child - how does this work?
    Typically for children under 13 I meet with the parents first (without your child) to get a history and clear picture of what is happening with your child. This is considered the first session and will be billed to your insurance. Subsequent sessions all look different depening on the issue, but generally I do a check in with parent+child at the beginning of each session, then meet with the child alone for the remainder of the session. I don't necessarily check in with parents at the end of the session again, but will communicate if we worked on skills, if there are things I want you to continue at home, etc. I often also do parent only sessions as therapy progresses as well. If you are ready to move forward, email me at to set up the intial parent meeting.
  • I think my teen could use therapy - how does this work?
    Teens 13 and over are considered adults in therapy. They get to call the shots as far as who they want in session, though if I have my choice, I'd prefer a parent be able to be in the first session with the teen, to provide history and concerns. Subsequent sessions are usually with the teen only, though I'm also happy and often do parent+teen sessions or family sessions as needed - with the permission of the teen. These aren't just "complaining" sessions (though there is certainly space to vent). I use a variety of tools to teach mindfulness, communication and emotion regulation skills including CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), HeartMath and Muse (tools for mindfulness), art, and specific concrete activities and worksheets to teach and discuss concepts. I'm not really a "homework" kind of therapist though, unless the teen really wants it or is not making progress without it. I don't generally provide updates to parents about their teen's therapy unless the teen wants me to, or if I have concerns the teen is suicidal and a danger to themself, or if they tell me they are being abused. Please note that self harm (cutting) or risky behavior (drugs, alcohol, sex) is protected under confidentiality and I do not tell parents about such behavior unless it is suicidal in nature. My ultimate goal though is to have the teen communicating with the parents about what is going on in their life, not to be the middleman. If you are ready to move forward, email me and we can set up an initial appointment.
  • Insurance
    Please see the Insurance and Rates page for details. I'm in network with Premera and Lifewise, and most out of state Blue Cross/Blue Shield. You are responsible for anything that applies to your deductible, as well as copays, co-insurance, or anything denied by your insurance carrier. You are responsible for determining if pre-authorization or a referral is required before we start working together. You are responsible for any sessions your insurance many deny because of a lack of prior authorization. I am out of network for all other insurance carriers (Regence, United, First Choice, Aetna, Cigna, Boeing, Beacon Health, Kaiser, etc). I will submit claims for you. Your insurance will pay me their portion (if any) and you will be billed for the remainder. I do not take Molina or AppleCare and cannot bill them out of network.
  • Late Cancel and No Show Policy (and Snow!)
    I charge my full session rate if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, or if you miss your appointment entirely. If I can fill the session I will not charge you. This applies to pretty much all circumstances - ie sick kids, sick parent, car troubles, etc (except snow, see below). Please note insurance does not pay for late cancelations, I will not submit a claim for the late cancel. I will automatically charge the credit card on file for the late cancel/no show. Snow Policy: I follow the Seattle Public School District schedule for snow - if SPSD cancels classes then all sessions are automatically canceled without penalty. If they do a late start, sessions during that late start time can be canceled at the discretion of the client.
  • Do you do meet & greet sessions?
    I do not do meet and greet sessions. A 20 minute meeting just isn't valuable in my experience, and when I meet someone I want to jump in and get to know you (or your child). The best way for both of us to know if this is a good fit is to meet for an hour. The first session is the first session, and I bill it as such. Of course I am happy to answer any questions you might have prior to meeting (email is best).
  • Divorced Parents
    For the most part I like to meet both parents of child clients. I will have you both sign a disclosure that you wont drag me to court or try to use your child's therapy against the other parent or for your own agenda. My job is to be a support for your child, be neutral about the parents, and provide a place to process feelings.
  • Online Counseling and Teletherapy
    I understand it can be difficult to carve out travel+traffic time to get to an appointment. Online sessions are a great solution. All you need is a computer or smart device, internet connection, and a quiet place where you feel free to talk. I'll send you a link to my online "office" and we go from there. No apps or programs to download, it's all browswer based and easy peasy. Insurance does generally cover teletherapy sessions and my standard rates apply. Please double check with your insurance plan that they will cover teletherapy. You do need to be a resident of Washington State.
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